Font Styles

Font Face

JSN Gruve provides 3 font face options for major website types. Each font face option is actually a combination of 2 font types: one for content text, another for heading text and main navigation text.

Special Font (powered by Google Font Directory)

To make your website content look even better, we included feature to load special fonts directly from Google Font Directory. We have carefully selected the most appropriate special font for each text styles. Since this service is provided by Google, it's very reliable and fast.

Click on any screenshot to see LIVE demo of that font face. (reset to default)

Font Face Business Special

"Business / Corporation" style

Font Face Personal Special

"Personal / Blog" style

Font Face News Special

"Online News / Magazine" style

Font Size

JSN Gruve provides 3 text size options for major website audience.

Click on any screenshot to see LIVE demo of that font size. (reset to default)

Font Size Small

Small font size

Font Size Medium

Medium font size

Font Size Big

Big font size

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